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You Are Here

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I used to get lost a lot (and I mean a lot). For important appointments, I would allocate at least a couple of hours for getting lost. And for really important occasions, I would even do a dry run the night before–only to end up making a wrong turn or two on the day itself.

Thankfully, I have since then learned to be much better with directions.

Although once in a while, I would purposely take an unknown route just to get lost and see where it takes me.

I do this because I have come to realize that getting lost is life’s little brilliant way of pulling me back in from the narrow view of my far-away destination. It forces me to examine my current situation and embrace the present moment—to pause and simply sit with it.

One way or another, I always end up where I need to be anyway—sometimes late, sometimes with a few minutes to spare, but always richer from the journey itself.

As with everything in life, your destination will perpetually keep on changing. Might as well take a few scenic detours now and then and simply turn wherever you are at the moment into your destination.

As author Neale Donald Walsch puts it, the point of life is not to get anywhere—it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already there.

So wherever here is for you or however you choose to define it, may you be blessed with a bagful of interesting stories that speak of both the courage and the vulnerability that brought you exactly where you are right now. 

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2 thoughts on “You Are Here

  • I love doing that…after I go to appointments and I have time on my hands, I do take that scenic detour–it’s always worth it…life can be like that too…there may be detours, but in the end, it’s all about the journey. Thanks, Paolo…I loved this post/musing a lot….

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