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Last Act

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Every day, the drama unfolds.

It begins the moment you see light from the late afternoon sun starting to inch downward against a wall, a curtain, a loved one’s face; when the soft orange glow of the sky makes everything around you appear dreamlike and real at the same time, like a fleeting portal to a world where the line between nostalgia and hope are undistinguishable and where past and future seem one and the same.

It lasts only a moment, until shadows begin to dance around you, tease you, and finally embrace you in darkness, merging what is tangible and imagined into one absolute truth.

During these precious seconds, when the rest of world has not yet realized the subtle transition, the shadows whisper in your ear, asking you to take in this graceful end to the day with reverence, for tomorrow the same performance will play out, as it will time and again, even when you are no longer watching. happy-fly-stopper

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