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Good Mourning

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She always started the important events in her life early in the morning.

She got married early in the morning.

She had her daughter baptized early in the morning.

She celebrated her daughter’s first birthday party early in the morning.

It was as if she kept testing how willing and able her family and friends were to get out of bed just for her.

My friends and I have always found this amusing and annoying in equal amounts, having to wake up so early just to “come and celebrate” with her as most of her invitations would state.

Today, for the very last time, I once again had to get up early for her. But this time, to say goodbye.

She died early in the morning, after Christmas day.

As I watched my friend being buried under the heat of the morning sun on this last day of the year, I couldn’t help wondering whether she started things early in the day because she knew she only had a short time to live.

She saw every waking day as a miracle, an opportunity to live and love.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new year. And I shall welcome it with a renewed sense of hope and gratitude, just as how my friend lived her life. 

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5 thoughts on “Good Mourning

  • Thank you for your kind words! Yes, sometimes I wish I had earlier days too. Not much of a morning person myself, but slowly learning to be one!

  • Great writing Pao, I miss Paula and her early morning agendas. It’s good to know someone is watching us so we can get home safe when we’re just coming home early in the morning. :)

  • stumbled upon this today, just when am yet again reminded that i might (would) die young. its sad being sick, but its a blessing to know that people like me, like this friend of yours, would have had touched lives as well by simply trying to get the most out of what’s given.

  • Thanks Brent. We will all get there anyway eventually. Some just earlier than others. But what’s important is how you live your life being a blessing to others. Seize the day! Stay happy and healthy!

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